Friday, May 30, 2008

Rev. Pfleger is My Homeboy!

The problem is that whites in this country have been unfortunately sheltered and deluded from the often truthful and fiery discourse of their brilliant black brothers and sisters and Pfleger. When they hear the likes of Wright and Pfleger, they go mad! They just cannot believe it. It's over the top! It's hate speech! Yet low and behold its happening under their noses on a regular basis. Listen to any black radio show, read any black blog, sit around for conversations with black people, you will hear it. Nothing Father Pfleger had to say was shocking or new. However it was sure as hell funny...Hillary-ous is the word!! "I'm white! I'm white...a black man stole my show!" I say this everyday but not as good as he did!

This cannot be an issue. It just cannot be. America we have more important things to talk about don't we?


TLW said...

Pastor Moss will be next followed by a complete denunciation of TUCC. Just Watch!!!

RhondaCoca said...

Well, you are right. He left the church. That was predictable.

Moss was going to be next but just because Obama left the church doesn't mean that the white mainstream media won't do a hit job on the brotha. He was next! Hannity did a special on him. They began writing about him already.


Anonymous said...

My guess is you don't say this when someone insults blacks, such as Don Imus. Typical double standards. Liberalism masquerades as a neutral philosophy, but it is instead anti-white.


well... white america does not like to be made to feel "uncomfortable." and anyone who makes them confront history and reality that is unfavorable to them, makes them skittish. even many obama supporters start getting nervous and threaten to run for the hills. so in our times, simply stating "hey, u know what, racism exists" sends white people into spasms and fits of yelling "racism" and "hate speech." i think psychologists call this phenom "P R O J E C T I O N."


by the by, diggin this blog... linkin it to my own.