Wednesday, June 18, 2008

According to the AFP "Obama Tells Black Fathers to Act Like Men"...Really?

H/T: Prometheus 6 and Assault on Black Folk's Sanity

Didn't the mainstream white media just have a field day with this. I think that this image speaks for itself. It makes fun of all the racist assumptions that whites have of blacks.

It is interesting how this is the face of black fatherhood. As you can see in my post below, there are millions of good black fathers who could have been spared such racist generalizations. Nobody cares, blacks are allowed to be reduced to the lowest denominator.


Anonymous said...

And that's exactly what it is. Barack Obama, the rock star inspirational politician, can attract crowds as far as the eye can see. Can inspire hope and cross racial barriers in a single bound. Can get White people to see him as the politician that happens to be Black because he's post-racial and speaks, not to the racism that's in them or the country and not even of the racism permeating his own party but to their higher, better selves.

But for Black people, the ones who truly made the difference for him and the ones he intends to electrify to off set the drag of racists and race-baiters will have on his final vote count... Well, for us, he doesn't speak directly to us any more. And the only time he can talk about our better selves is after he's beat the sh*t out any and all sin, imagined (cold popeye's chicken for breakfast?) or real.

Note: No one else is subjected to those thorough series of... of... rants... just rants. So I guess we should consider ourselves special.

While other constituencies have their concerns even their craziest fears about their issue-oriented prospects addressed, while they get strong, unequivocal and direct promises made to them, we can bask in the sunshine of all the rain he pours of us.

Thank you Barack. You're just what we always wanted. What we always hoped for.

aaron said...

Dont overlook the person that gave the media the stones to throw at us.Obamas demeaning Blacks feeding in to white misconceptions,supposedly,to try to win their vote.He could have said these are not the problems of black people but all people and then went on to talk about our strenghts.This is that same old Bill Cosby crap,and oprah feeds right into it.Sure she does a lot of good but is it necessary that she sends out these negative images of blacks that effect millions